WordPress Intetnship

:Artnize is looking for WordPress Internship

Internship Program:

The Internship is three months, the first month is unpaid and the 2nd and 3rd months you will get pocket money


After the Internship, you have an opportunity to be hired.

First month work from the office 


Requirements |

  • Fast learning of software, programming, and other IT skills.
  • Good English.
  • Owen her/his laptop.
  • Would like to learn more about web development and CMS and no code solutions
  • Would like to learn how to start her/his own online business or freelancing

Benefits |

  • The first months is unpaid
  • Pocket money for 2nd and 3rd months
  • Get premium Managed WordPress hosting for free to develop your website or e-commerce store – 360 $ value
  • Get premium themes  and plugins licenses for free to use on your website or e-commerce store – value = 1200 $ 
  • Get free access to courses that we purchased to develop our team – value 500 $
  • Learn digital marketing skills in real world with our great team = value is infinite. 
  • Opportunity to get hired
  • You’ll get online, offline and on-job training from experts.
  • HR letter and appreciate your work.
  • Supportive work environment.
  • Help you to create your portfolio and get involved in the freelance market.
  • Commission per every lead work on it as a developer

Work from office and remotely (Hybrid)

: To apply please fill the form below and answer the following questions

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