: Artnize is looking for interns to join our team in the following areas

Content Creation

Graphic Design


Internship Program:

The Internship is three months, the first month is unpaid and the 2nd and 3rd months are paid. 

After the Internship, you have an opportunity to be hired.

First month work from the office at least three days per week 2nd and 3rd flexible to be remotely or from the office except for sales.


You’ll get online, offline and on-job training from experts.

HR letter and appreciate your work.

Supportive work environment.

Help you to create your portfolio and get involved in the freelance market.



Conduct primary and secondary research.

Assist in the writing, editing, and designing of content.

Assist in the distribution of content

Perform analysis of marketing data

Provide support to social media efforts


owns his\ her laptop that is capable of doing the job.

Undergraduate and Graduates majoring in Sales, Marketing, or Advertising or any relevant field.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Team Player

Extensive knowledge of social media

Driven and hard-working

Ability to take direction and multi-task



Assist in designing content.


owns his\ her laptop

Creativity skills 

Applicant must be able to use Photoshop and Illustrator 

Undergraduate and Graduates able to design

Ability to take direction and multi-task

Typography skills and design skills.



Data collecting to potential clients.

Customer Handling 


owns his\ her laptop.

good with microsoft office and data funnel

good negotiator

Good communication skills.

Emails writing skills in Arabic and English.

Good keyboard typing skills 

able to work in multicultural environments 

If you are interested, kindly fill this form :www.

Work from office not remotely

customer service intern 

Our Agency is growing rapidly due to the high attention we give to customer service.

As part of its expansion plan, our startup is seeking to hire 6 interns who want a long term career in customer service, sales and marketing.

If you are interested in a career opportunity and not just a salary, keep reading You will join a 3 months intern program to understand the service system in the company. The first month will be unpaid, 2nd and 3rd will get pocket money + commission and bonus.

You will need to switch and juggling between a lot of tasks at the same time such as following up on customers orders, responding to customers on Social Media pages, solving difficult scheduling problems, and others in order to maintain customer satisfaction and happiness.

Attention to detail is very important as we work to make sure that every order is executed 100% correctly, we hope you can help us with that.

Customers and teamwork expect you to be ready and available to work effectively at any time during working hours, if you have worked in such a job then you know how important commitment and teamwork are.

Part-time for 8 hours 3 Days per week.

What do we expect from you to develop in this Career

Contribute to raising monthly sales by 20% after the second month.

Increase average order value by 25% per month after the third month. 

Increase the rate of positive reviews by 10% each month.

Give 3 ideas to improve the sales process and customer service.

What you get :

A Real Opportunity for career Development

pocket money.


Opportunity to get hired after the internship if you approved good work.

To apply please send your CV with the answers to the following questions :

Why do you think you’re the right person for this job?

current address?

When are you ready to start working?

: To apply please fill the form below and answer the following questions

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